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Edwards AFB, California Climatological Summaries
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Range Reference Atmospheres
  2019 Cycle
  Edwards AFB, CA Vandenberg AFB, CA China Lake NAWC, CA Pt Mugu NAWC, CA
  Cape Canaveral AFS, FL Wallops Island, VA Yuma PG (NKX), AZ White Sands, NM
  Dugway PG (SLC), UT Kwajalein, MH Barking Sands (PHLI) *** Development Report ***
  2013 Cycle
  Eglin AFB, FL *  Inv  Doc Kodiak, AK *  Inv  Doc Thule, GL *  Inv  Doc Wake Island *  Inv  Doc
  2006 Cycle
  EPG Fort Huachuca, AZ # Great Falls, MT # Roosevelt Roads (TJUA), PR # Ascension Island, S. Atl #
  Argentia (CYYT), NL # Nimes-Courbessac, France # Nellis AFB (DRA), NV # Taguac, GU #
The first 11 Range Reference Atmospheres (RRA) listed were generated by the NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC) with the coordination of the Range Commanders Council Meteorology Group beginning in 2019, as indicated by the file naming convention.   They include the actual data in an Excel .xlsx file and a PDF report file.   Data is produced for individual months and for the entire year grouped together (month 13).

RRAs with the * symbol were generated by the NASA/MSFC in 2013.   RRAs with the # symbol were generated by the 14th Weather Squadron (14WS) in Sep 2006.   Generally speaking, the POR for both the 2006 and 2013 cycles begins in approximately 1990.   The POR for the 2019 cycle begins in approximately 1990 and generally extends through 2018.   This POR was selected as detailed analysis of sample RRAs with longer PORs during the 2006 cycle indicated the potential of questionable data in the late 1970s and the 1980s.   MSFC employed an automated quality control process and a manual process for suspect files.   There is currently no plan to create RRA products for other sites.  The next projected refresh cycle is 2024.   Only files from the 2006 and 2013 cycles that were not created in the 2019 cycle have been retained.

Miscellaneous Climatological Data
  Surface Data (Hourly by Month) Beale AFB China Lake NAWC Edwards AFB El Centro NAS Lemoore NAS March ARB Miramar NAS
  Mojave Nellis AFB Palmdale Pt Mugu NAWC San Nicholas Is Vandenberg AFB Victorville
  Crosswinds (Hourly by Month) Beale 15/33 China Lake 03/21 China Lake 08/26 China Lake 14/32 Edwards 04/22 Palmdale 04/22 Palmdale 07/25
  Lemoore 14/32 March 14/32 Miramar 06/24 Mojave 08/26 Mojave 12/30 Nellis 03/21 Pt Mugu 03/21
  Pt Mugu 09/27 San Nicholas Is 12/30 Travis 03/21 Vandenberg 12/30 Victorville 03/21 Victorville 17/35  
  Sea Level Press/500 MB Heights JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC
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